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Transmission Repair in San Antonio, TX

Stop the slips and jolts while you're driving when you depend on Santone Automotive for transmission repair in San Antonio, TX. At our auto shop, we specialize in repairing automatic and manual transmissions for all makes and models. Whether you have a minor or major problem, we are fully equipped to address any issue with your transmission.

Sometimes, a transmission problem requires a minor repair or maybe even a simple transmission flush. Rest assured, we first perform a complete inspection to identify what is wrong as well as any other mechanical problems your vehicle has. Since the transmission of a car is responsible for shifting the gears (either manually or automatically), you'll notice problems immediately when it is not working properly.

Transmission Part in San Antonio, TX

A Reputable Transmission Repair Shop

When you take your car to an auto shop for repairs, you expect the problem to fixed correctly the first time. At our transmission repair shop, our mechanics are ASE certified and highly experienced in the automotive industry. It doesn't take several trips for us to locate the problem. Instead, we take the time to fully inspect the issue, diagnose the problem, and perform an accurate repair.

If you're noticing slips in your transmission, bring your car or truck to our shop. Whether it needs minor repairs or a transmission rebuild, our mechanics do everything we can to ensure a smooth driving experience for you. In addition to our competitive rates, we also offer CarCare One Financing if you need it. Some of the signs of transmission problems include

  • Check Engine Light Is on
  • Reddish Fluid under Your Car
  • Gears Are Slipping, Grinding, or Shaking
  • Car Doesn't Go into Gear
  • Transmission Doesn't Respond
  • Whining, Humming, or Clunking Noises
  • Trouble Shifting (Clutches)
  • Burning Smell from Your Engine
  • Vehicle Is Noisy When in Neutral

What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

Enjoy smooth driving again as well as a fully restored transmission with our help. We specialize in transmission rebuild. This is an excellent alternative if your transmission is permanently damaged. A transmission rebuild (or overhaul) involves the total removal of the transmission from your vehicle.

The process starts with our mechanic removing the transmission and disassembling it. We'll then clean the salvageable parts run with chemical parts cleaner to remove any dirt and grime that may have accumulated. After that, we replace any damaged components before reassembling the transmission. Once everything is put back together and we test the entire system, you'll be ready to get back on the road again.

Contact us to schedule an inspection if you think your vehicle has transmission problems. We serve customers throughout San Antonio, Converse, Universal City, Live Oak, and Schertz, Texas.