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Radiator Repair in San Antonio, TX

Is your car too hot to handle? If it's overheating, then the problem may involve your cooling system—specifically, your car's radiator. For prompt and affordable radiator repair in San Antonio, TX, come to Santone Automotive. Two of the most common signs of radiator problems are rising temperature gauges and steam coming from under the hood. Let us cool things off for you by repairing or replacing your radiator.

Keeping Cars Cool with Our Radiator Service

Turn to the experienced and ASE-certified technicians at our auto repair shop for complete radiator service. Since an overly hot engine is bad for your car, it's important to visit our shop at the first sign of problems. From cracked engine blocks to warped valves and pistons, you could be looking at hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs. In fact, you could lose your entire engine. When your car is steaming or the radiator is leaking, stop the car immediately! Then call us. We provide complimentary roadside assistance as well.

It Is Time for a Radiator Flush

Flush away the dirt and gunk from your radiator at our auto repair shop. We provide radiator flush services to ensure a clean and efficient cooling system. We remove the old, ineffective coolant and add new coolant for better engine cooling. However, if you have significant leaks, we repair or replace your radiator. Allow us to extend the life of your radiator and protect your car's engine by providing radiator flushing services.

Mechanic Opening Hood of Car in San Antonio, TX

Radiator Replacement Experts

Sometimes, all your car needs is a minor repair or a simple radiator flush. However, if your radiator has significant damage, it's more cost effective to consider radiator replacement. We install plastic, aluminum, and metal radiators. Whether your radiator is old or you need a more advanced one, you can depend on us for a quality, affordable services.

If you must replace your radiator, we make sure to install a high-quality product. We always install top-quality radiators that provide superior cooling. For instance, plastic radiators are invulnerable to corrosion, and they last for as long as you own your car. Ask us about our special offers on auto radiator repair and replacement services.

Contact us for an inspection if your car is overheating. We serve customers throughout San Antonio, Converse, Universal City, Live Oak, and Schertz, Texas.