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Auto Electric Repair in San Antonio, TX

Let us connect the wires again if you're having electrical problems with your car. At Santone Automotive, we fix anything related to your vehicle's electrical system. Having more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we are able to work on cars and trucks of all makes and models. A quick look under the hood may not answer your questions when you have electrical problems. Allow our team to provide comprehensive diagnostics and auto electric repair in San Antonio, TX.

Whether your lights aren't working, your check engine light is on, or your car won't start, our ASE-certified technicians identify the problem quickly. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars for someone to take apart your vehicle to look for problems. With our state-of-the-art car diagnostic equipment, we locate the problem quickly without the big expense.

Mechanic Working Under Hood of Car in San Antonio, TX

Efficient & Affordable Auto Electrical Repair

Car electrical issues are frustrating for vehicle owners. Unlike brake problems or misaligned wheels, when a vehicle is having electrical problems, it can be difficult to identify the source. Fortunately, our auto electrical repair specialists have the tools, training, and talent to get to source of the problem. Whether it relates to your battery, starter, alternator, or something else, we'll fix it for you.

How to Tell You Need Auto Starter Repair

Get off to a good start by depending on us for auto starter repair. If you hear a clicking sound when turning the key, but your car doesn't start, then your starter is probably going bad. Another indication you need car starter repair is the time it takes to start your engine. If the battery is fully charged, but the car takes a bit longer to crank, bring your vehicle to us. We'll test the starter to see if it needs to be repaired.

When You Need Replacement Car Batteries

Your transportation plans are at a standstill if your battery is dead. Depend on our auto repair shop to replace your car batteries. We even provide complimentary roadside assistance when needed. From car battery repair to new car battery replacement, we offer prompt services so you can get behind the wheel again. Some of the warning signs you may need a new car battery include:

  • Old Age—Car batteries last between three and five years. It should be inspected at the three-year mark.
  • Battery Leaks— Leakage from your battery corrodes connections and decreases the life of your battery. Remove the corrosion or bring it in for inspection and servicing.
  • Swollen Battery Case—Extreme heat expands your battery's case, negatively affecting the condition of the battery.
  • Low Battery Fluid—When the fluid line falls below the energy conductor (inside the case), you need to test the battery.
  • Check Engine Light—This could indicate that the battery is losing power.
  • Slow Engine Start—A sluggish or slow-starting engine could be a sign of battery problems.

us for an inspection if your car has problems starting. We provide complimentary roadside assistance for customers throughout San Antonio, Converse, Universal City, Live Oak, and Schertz, Texas.