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Brake Service in San Antonio, TX

Squealing, squeaking, and grating! Few things grate on your nerves like brake pads that are old and thin. Santone Automotive provides comprehensive brake services in San Antonio, TX, to ensure your brakes are fully functional and quiet again. Whether you need repair services or brake replacement, our team is able to accommodate your needs, your schedule, and your budget.

Does Your Car or Truck Need Brake Repair?

Every day, your brakes must be able to handle a lot pressure and punishment. Friction between the pads and rotors invariably cause wear and damage over time. In addition, rust, dirt, debris, and other factors wreak havoc on your brakes, rotors, and calipers. Allow our experienced, ASE-certified technicians to provide comprehensive brake repair. We'll get you back on the road in no time. A few of the signs to look for if you think your vehicle need brake repair include:

  • Brake Warning Light Is On
  • Mushy or Spongy Brake Pedal
  • Burning Smells Near Your Wheel Wells
  • Vibration or Pulsation When Pressing Brake Pedal
  • Squealing, Grinding, or Screeching Noises When Applying Brakes

Tire and Brake in San Antonio, TX

The Importance of Brake Replacement

Is your car vibrating when you step on the brakes? Chances are you need new pads or rotors. Old brake pads and warped rotors make for a bumpy ride. The good news is that we provide full brake replacement, as well as rotor resurfacing and replacement. Don't let brake problems stall your transportation plans. Instead, enjoy prompt, professional, and convenient services that ease your mind. Having more than 20 years of experience in the automotive trade, our ASE-certified mechanics are able to replace disc and drum brakes on all makes and models, both cars and trucks.

Comprehensive & Affordable Brake Services

From brake fluid to pads to rotors, we know everything there is to know about brakes. You may need your rotors turned, or perhaps you need them replaced. Either way, you can always expect high-quality and affordable services when you turn to our auto repair shop. Don't take chances by driving around with worn-out and damaged brakes. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road by providing comprehensive brake services and repairs. In addition, we make coming to us affordable. Ask about our special discounts, for the military, senior citizens, and educators.

Contact us for more information about our special offer: 10% off labor with repair. We serve customers throughout San Antonio, Converse, Universal City, Live Oak, and Schertz, Texas.