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Auto Alignment in San Antonio, TX

Is your car out of line? If your vehicle has alignment issues, it could be steering you in the wrong direction. After bringing your car to Santone Automotive for auto alignment in San Antonio, TX, your car will handle like new again. Realign your vehicle's steering by counting on our team of mechanics to do a thorough job at a fair price. We'll help you get on the straight path again.

Does Your Car or Truck Need Tire Alignments?

In order to maintain smooth and straight steering, your vehicle's tires need to be aligned and balanced. Over time, a variety of factors contribute to wheel misalignment. Every bump, twist, and turn on the road gradually makes your tires get out of line. In addition, worn tread disrupts the distribution of weight on the tires, which causes imbalances in the wheel. You may notice this happening if your vehicle shakes or vibrates when you drive.

The more you drive with unbalanced or misaligned wheels, the more your tires suffer from uneven tread wear—and the more noticeable the problem. This becomes a serious safety hazard when left unchecked. If you suspect your vehicle needs tire alignments or balancing, bring it to our auto shop for an inspection. We utilize the latest alignment inspection and adjustment techniques to fully restore the functionality of your vehicle's wheels.

Car Receiving Alignment Service in San Antonio, TX

Wheel Alignments That Are Top of the Line

Get everything back in line by visiting our auto shop for wheel alignments. Wheels that are properly aligned improve your overall driving experience. You not only have better steering control, but you reduce the stress put on the tires. This makes your tires last longer. The most cost-effective way to avoid wheel balancing and alignment problems is to receive a complete front wheel alignment at our auto shop.

Our mechanics hold the distinguished ASE certification (Automotive Service Excellence). So, we have experience in performing wheel balancing and alignment services on vehicles of every make and model. We also use cutting-edge computerized alignment equipment to ensure vehicles have flawless alignment once we are finish working on them. As highly regarded automotive experts, we work carefully on every vehicle so customers drive away knowing their cars are properly aligned and in great condition. We also check the tires, steering, and even the suspension system to find out what is causing your automotive problem.

Contact us to schedule an inspection if your wheels are shaking when you drive. We serve customers throughout San Antonio, Converse, Universal City, Live Oak, and Schertz, Texas.